So you fell off the wagon again,

And I pick up the pieces again,

Try and glue them together again,

I’m ignoring the truth once again.


No gun to my head makes me stay,

Yet I can’t seem to just walk away,

And as nights full of fear fade to day,

Close my ears to the words that you say.

How can I leave you so broken?

We’ll survive no matter what’s spoken,

This anger that we’ve both awoken

Sorry is only a token.


I’m stronger than you I can take it,

My hearts been hurt worse you can’t break it,

It’s a lie and we know that I fake it,

This pretence that somehow we can make it.


I’m not made of glass though I shatter,

And my love isn’t license to batter,

Don’t think that my life doesn’t matter,

Because yours is adrift, prone to scatter.


Don’t think that I’m weak for still caring:

This affliction that we’ve both been sharing

Can be beat if we just keep repairing

All the breaks that have my soul despairing.


It’s an illness so cruel, so vindictive,

Hope becomes a new drug then your will gives,

And we plunge back to hell where we relive,

Same old story until I can forgive.


I’m no angel is that why I stand by?

Let it happen, let words fall and fists fly?

Smash against every truth till we both cry,

Face the ugliness caught beneath the lie?


Maybe I’m the addict, the real drug is you,

For whatever you say & whatever you do,

I’m the damn junkie who’s need won’t subdue,

No matter what dawn shows to be true.


I drink up the promises made,

Love blind as bruises start to fade,

Close my eyes to the place where we laid,

Bury the me I’ve betrayed.


I’m the one with the problem it seems,

You never once sold out your dreams,

You live your life torn ‘tween extremes,

I’m the one who can’t forget the screams.







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