It’s midnight plus one & I’m wide awake,

Scribbling lists just to keep it together, 

When the truth is your name screaming into my veins,

Polluting my sleep now forever.


Dead Eyed Boys

I collect them dead eyed boys,
Them ones whose words are all just noise;
Them boys all gloss & spite & shine,
Them boys whose hearts just won’t be mine.
‘Cause I know all them dead eyed woes,
Them dead ends where forever goes;
The dead eyed boys that I collect
Think I’m the weak one they select;
Oh pretty, flitty dead eyed boys
The truth’s a lie wrapped up in choice.
My heart was buried years ago,
Pain’s all the kiss I’ll ever know;
So bat your eyes my wild new pet
& I’ll pretend that I forget
The first dead eyes I ever saw
That left me always wanting more;
We’ll act as though this could be real
& I’ll reach inside to try & feel
& when it ends and you fall short,
& I don’t fall just as you thought
I’ll wish you well & move along
My pretty boys all dead & strong;
My dead eyed boys I need you so;
To let me in & let me go.


Coked up, toked up

My lovers got me choked up;

Crack’d up, smack’d up

I can see you jacked up.

Heard it once and now it’s true

Junkie see and junkie do

Gotta say goodbye to you,

Getting high’s not gettin’ through.

Red eyes, dead eyes

Track marks tell on your lies

Money buys, your own demise

So hard to watch as real love dies.

Coked up, toked up

My lovers got me choked up;