There is a universe within your eyes,

An endless ancient space;

All the time there’ll ever be,

& a map my heart can trace.

You are my destination

You are each step along the way,

Every river crossed at midnight,

Every secret left to say,

Star lit strolls & moon shone tides,

& all that lies between,

Every wish I ever had,

& sights I’ve never seen.

This love has been uncovered

A cosmic fossil in my soul,

Excavated by your kiss,

And polished up like gold.



& home is a feeling

a rush through your bones

a place beyond places

your heart somehow knows

& home is a moment

a snapshot of stars

a memory of memories

of close by & far’s

& home is a smile

that’s shared with the eyes

the truest of truths

no mask or disguise

& home is the future

& home is right now

& home is a promise

& home is a vow