It’s midnight plus one & I’m wide awake,

Scribbling lists just to keep it together, 

When the truth is your name screaming into my veins,

Polluting my sleep now forever.


Sail, Or

This ache it’s like the ocean,
So vast, as it ebbs and it flows;
I chase pretty eyes that spin pitiless lies
& drown to the sound of “she knows”.

What I crave is a ship carved from giants,
& a map only plotted in stars;
Pirates and monsters and bullion,
A history worth all these scars.

Oh my heart is a midnight struck soundly,
& my eyes show the truth of that blow;
My compass it’s needle spins wildly
As I struggle – to stay or to go.


A ball of blazing fire

A shard of broken glass;

All hate and spite and fury

All laughter, smiles and sass.

So big and wild and crazy

So scared, unsure and lost,

You never took the safe route

You never worried at the cost.

Unkind, unforgiving , unruly

Understanding, unfettered, unchained;

You saw both good and bad in me

You loved me just the same.

It seems the world is grey now

It makes me want to scream it,

I want to grab each person

I want to know why they can’t feel it.

A life is lost forever

A life that pulsed and throbbed

I am empty vacant broken

I am shattered by my loss.

All that spirit, grace and beauty

All that anger, hurt and pain

How can you just be no more

How can I ever feel again?

Inside I am a vacant space

Inside I know you’re gone;

I want to let the whole world know

That you were loved, and love lives on.