then the Saint came marching, marching in

sweeping me up in his wake;

took hold of my hand

looked me right in the eyes

& took all there was left

to take-

& I let him





& home is a feeling

a rush through your bones

a place beyond places

your heart somehow knows

& home is a moment

a snapshot of stars

a memory of memories

of close by & far’s

& home is a smile

that’s shared with the eyes

the truest of truths

no mask or disguise

& home is the future

& home is right now

& home is a promise

& home is a vow





You murdered me a million times,

A hundred times a day.

You murdered me for all your crimes,

& all you could not say.

You choked the words right out of me,

You buried each truth you thought wrong,

You slit the throat that sang for you,

& killed me for having no song.

You murdered me with silence,

You drowned me with your noise,

Hung by my own compliance,

Sentenced by my choice.

You murdered me a million times,

A hundred time a day,

I’ve learned I am immortal,

In every single way.







Robot Heart

He got a robot heart

At 57.

Stopped eating fried chicken,

even his mama’s.

Started cycling,

got a helmet.

Cancelled on Doug’s birthday,

sober son of a bitch.

He’s not Little John

No more, he went and ruined the joke.

He’s just different,

Now he’s got that robot heart.

If he didn’t have it-

He’d be dead.

Sail, Or

This ache it’s like the ocean,
So vast, as it ebbs and it flows;
I chase pretty eyes that spin pitiless lies
& drown to the sound of “she knows”.

What I crave is a ship carved from giants,
& a map only plotted in stars;
Pirates and monsters and bullion,
A history worth all these scars.

Oh my heart is a midnight struck soundly,
& my eyes show the truth of that blow;
My compass it’s needle spins wildly
As I struggle – to stay or to go.

The Strongest People… — The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

“Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that no one knows about.” Now I saw this quote and it really touched my heart. For so many of us have felt that we are so weak and do not even realize the strength that […]

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